Crimson Boar

Argent, a boar statant Gules
braced with manacles Or
and on a chief Sable
two spears in saltire Argent

Head of House: 

Mizak Perado

La Famiglia di la Cinghiale Porpora: "The family of the Crimson Boar"This family became established in the footsteps of the Santa Madre di Protezioni (sacred mother’s protectors) during the political turmoil of 15th century renaissance. The Santa Madre di Protezioni was a prominent and ruthless band of brigands who started their organization of crime as petty thieves and thugs, and turned a profit offering protection for local barons. For years this brotherhood, headed by Gabellotto Cozzo, was a relatively local band of organized brigands, but as with nearly all businesses, expansion was on the horizon to bring forth more profit, and more fame.

In a land overseas, the Empire of Adria had sat largely unexplored by the influence of the Italians. And it was to this Empire that Perado would be sent to expand the brotherhood’s power-base. Mizak Perado, the brotherhood’s Uomo di Fiducia, now a Gabellotto in his own right, made sail to the new lands and began to recruit members to his cause. He quickly found the peoples of this land impressionable, yet hearty and willing to band together to support a cause not unlike their own. Soon, their membership was weeded out, and the remaining members, whose loyalty was unquestionable, along with their nearly unparalleled willingness to become great, formed La Famiglia di la Cinghiale Porpora (Family of the Crimson Boar).

The family has grown both in numbers and strength, and during the great battle of Boar War the Crimson Boar received the Imperial award of "The Rising Star of Adria".