The Imperial Order of the Fleur-de-Lis

This Order was formerly known as the Order of the Protectors of the Dream. This Order is intended to honour those individuals whose contributions to the Empire are so great that they are deserving of being made members of the Imperial Family, but have not necessarily sat the Imperial Throne themselves. Non-voting Order granted by vote of the Imperial Estates. May wear the regalia as described above, but do not gain an Estate Vote per se, although individual members of this Order may hold Estates Votes of their own right. Companions of this Order rank in precedence immediately behind the Imperial Crown Prince/Princess (if any). 

Members of this Order have the following rights and privileges: 

a. Nominate for the titles of Lord/Lady and Baron/Baroness. If approved by the Local or Imperial Crown, the nominating member of the Order shall bestow the title; 

b. Nominate for Imperial and Royal awards. If approved by the Local or Imperial Crown, the nominating member of the Order shall bestow the award; 

c. In keeping with the Spirit of the Order and the Law, mindful of the Standards of the Imperial College of Arms, and respecting those functions traditionally performed by the Church of Adria: nominate for any other distinction, perform ceremonies and other functions, administer oaths, create and confer non-precedence-bearing distinctions and awards, and create non-precedencebearing orders and induct members thereto; 

d. Sit with Imperial Crowns as Peers and approach them without bowing; have Imperial precedence as members of the Imperial Family; 

e. Be addressed as "Imperial Highness"; New members may be nominated from within the Order. Members are appointed by the Imperial Estates General.