Judging and Scribes

Interested in Judging or helping a judge, then read on.

All judges shall:
1. Swear and uphold the judges' oath.
2. Fairly and impartially judge all arts entries in accordance with the Judging Guideline and Criteria.
3.Justify all scores with constructive criticism, advice, and positive feedback in areas of excellence.
4. Score all entries in accordance with the Judging Guideline and Criteria Rationale for the judge's score should be explained in writing on the comment sheets. Sample here
5. Ask questions of artisans when the documentation does not cover or justify an aspect of the entry.
6.Remove them selves from judging any art entry, which they cannot be unbiased and/or positive.
7. Verify scribes notes and scores on all judging sheets prior to signing them and giving them to the List Mistress/Master.
8. Teach scribes the finer points of judging

Scribes shall:
1. Assist the judges in the recording of comments and rating scores on the judging sheets.
2. Learn the finer points of judging through interaction with judges during the judging process.
3. Assist the List Mistress/Master in notifying artisans as necessary.
4. Assist the List Mistress/Master in determining the entry scores as necessary.

If you are still interested in pursuing the art of Judging contact the Minister of Arts & Science for more information.