Ruaidhri Silverhand

Current Titles:
Archduke of Connacht
An-Ridire Ruaidhri Silverhand 
Righ-Tuatha of Clan Silverhand

Knight Premier
Knight Archer
Knight Bachelor
Current Positions:
Deputy Minister of Rolls
Deputy Imperial Minister of Rolls
Paladin of the Church Iglesias de Los Soldados
Righ-Tuatha of clan Silverhand

Or, a wyvern displayed sable,
engorged of a viscount crown Or,
within a border sable
Awards and Titles Received:
Baron of Connacht
Companion of the Legion of Alhambra
Baron of the Court of Alhambra
Viscount of Alhambra
Cauldron of Connacht
Sword of Connacht
Royal Order of the Queen's Guard
Warlord of the Frozen North