Persona History of Merwynn

I, Merwynn, am the descendant of a powerful Celtic Druid high Priestess. Passed down to me, through the generations of the women that came before, are the traditions of the old ways. I have the knowledge of the properties and medicinal value of plant life. My personal power comes from my belief in the universal energy and my ability to connect with that energy. Due to the tragic death of my young daughter at age three, at the hands of bloody raiders who stormed my village, I have shunned society and lived alone in a cave in the woods, surviving off the land and the good graces and charity of the folk who reside in Connacht. I am known as a healer and have aided the good folk of Connacht in their time of need, whenever sickness or disaster has struck. The people of Connacht have in turn gaurded the knowledge of my existence from those that would do me harm. In the year, 1346, when the plague hit the household of Dame Reynalda and her most beloved daughter, Scarlett, became ill with the disease, I came to the aid of the good Dame and nursed Scarlett back from the brink of death. To show her gratitude, Dame Reynalda invited me into her household. I now have a place among those that have been a part of my existence all these years. I have developed a fondness for the children of Connacht and often spend my time interacting with them, encouraging them to learn through craft and exploration of the world around them. When I feel the need for solitude, I will disappear into the forest for a time reappearing when I feel recharged. As I age, I value the companionship of my friends as much as the the need for quiet contemplation and have the best of both worlds. I have found my place in this life.