Worshipful Company of Connacht Smiths

This guild is open to all members of Connacht who have an interest in metal working. All guild members will promote the metal arts through their interst and activity as Blacksmith, Goldsmith, Silversmith, Tinsmith, Tinker, Brass, Bronze & Pewter Caster, Graver and Etcher, Armourer, Maillie Crafter, Jeweler, Wire Weaver or any other artisan/craftsman using metal as their principle material.
The guild has these objectives:
* to foster enthusiasm and participation in the metal crafts
* to enlighten those who have an interest in any an all metal working skills and crafts between 1066-1603
* to provide education in these arts that foster and maintain a high standard of design and craftsmanship
* to support all workers of the metal crafts in the chapter of the Adrian Empire known as the Archduchy of Connacht.

If you have any questions or an interest in these mediums please contact the Guild Grand Master Thane Cryspin Mac Morrigu at cp3crow@hotmail.com  

Per pale argent and vert,
a sword counterchanged
issuant from an anvil sable