A Estate or household is an established group of members who share similar interests, goals and values. In Connacht, we have several established Estates and households and we are excited and proud of the diversity that they bring to our group.This is just one way that our members build on their persona's, their "medieval" families and their interest in the game. As a new member of the Empire, you are considered to be an independent member of your chartered subdivision. This will change if you decide to join an Estate. Each political subdivision has different philosophies, politics, and approaches to playing in Adria. Talk to members of different groups before making any decisions about joining. You are, of course, free to form your own Estate as long as the requirements are met. Some Estates are bound within other Estates forming a larger family.

Estates In Connacht:

House Polaris

House Cinghiale Volante

Estate Minimum Size 
 5 members to make a House with a Lord/Lady
15 members to make a Barony with a Baron/Baroness
35 members to make a County with a Count/Countess
50 members to make a March with a Marquis/Marquessa

Sub Estates contribute to the total number of members when determining it's larger Estate size.